About Bistro 

Bistro Studios produces beautiful, hand-crafted identity and web experiences using a variety of platforms. We help brands engage with consumers through identity design, web design, photography, email, and social media management. Our goal is to make the process comfortable and intuitive, especially when it comes to complex web and technology solutions.

In 2008, Bistro Studios was formed over many coffee and lunch meetings in Santa Monica, California. "Bistro" came to symbolize the simple and friendly process of building websites at a time in internet history when dealing with developers was hit or miss. Just like the European cafés of old, we provide a venue for artists, makers, engineers and businesspeople to meet, exchange ideas and collaborate.

In 2012, we multiplied and headed east, adding an office to the Oak Cliff area of Dallas, Texas. You'll see work in our portfolio from Waco area businesses (sic 'em Bears!), and we love the flavor it brings to our work. We also love tacos, so either location is a win.

And now? We still love to meet up and chat over coffee. We can't wait to build something great with you.

Company Strengths

  • We understand brands and the big picture
  • We help clients through the process
  • We know when clients are asking for more than they need
  • We maintain healthy boundaries with clients & keep a work/life balance
  • We emphasize professionalism and responsiveness with clients
  • We have a strong design foundation: the brand design always comes first
  • We tailor our builds to help the client easily manage future edits


In the Kitchen

Kristin Haswell

Front End Development & Programming

Matt Davis

Managing Partner & Front End Dev

Emma Lee


Becca Romero


Mike Trozzo

Founder / Design & Biz Dev

Eric Smith

Founder / Programming